How to Make your Landscape Pest-Free

Your job doesn’t end as soon as you have built the neighborhood’s most stunning lawn. In fact, maintaining your landscape is the most difficult job there is. It’s easy to build a beautiful lawn. Keeping it well-manicured is the bulk of the job.

One of the things that you want to make sure of is that no pests thrive in your landscape. For that, you’ll need outdoor pest control services. While you may leave everything in the cycle of life and the power of Mother Nature to let things take its toll, your landscape may suffer in the process.

Pests in Your Lawn

There are different types of pests that could invade your lawn and you have to do your best to keep them away. Pests are found almost everywhere, although it’s also true that some thrive in just a particular area. The thing is, everybody will deal with his or her own set of pests in one way or the other.

There are more to pests than worms and ants that you should be wary of. You have to keep a good eye on the pests that could possibly be ruining your landscape because they are putting all the investments that you put into your lawn to waste.

Types of Lawn Pests to Watch Out for

Only a trained professional could help you identify what are harmful pests and what are helpful insects or animals in your lawn. To give you a good idea, here are some of the pests that you should watch out for:

1. Armyworms

Armyworms are prevalent in the southern part of the United States. They cause a major problem to lawns during the fall because the moth larvae of these pests tend to do huge damage to the turf grasses. If you see this type of pest, you have to seek help from one of the best landscaping companies Cleveland Ohio.

2. Ticks

Ticks are not really harmful to your grass but if they grow in numbers, they can be a nuisance to everything else. Ticks pose a danger to pets and human and if they multiply rapidly, you have no other recourse but to apply major pest control procedures just to address the problem.

3. Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are among the most notorious lawn pests. They destroy grass from the tip to the root. The worse thing is, if you hire an amateur or DIY pest control personnel, you end up attracting more of these pests instead of eliminating them.

4. Fire ants

Fire ants are another type of pests that don’t harm the grass but they can destroy your lawn’s soil structure. These ants boring holes in the soil that can cause a problem to the plants and trees that you have in there.

5. Billbugs

There are different kinds of billbugs but all of them can harm the grass. The only difference is that each species prefers a different type of grass than another specie. For example, hunting billbugs prefer Zoysia grass while bluegrass billbugs damage bluegrass lawns.